Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yes (wo)Man: I Could Have had a Pony Ride and Other Lessons in Listening

It is interesting the mystical change that takes place inside of the human mind, when genuinely you think that you have learned at least in some small way to listen, to love, to let someone else lead, or even to allow them to have an opinion, and then all at once you realize that you have just been writing the script in your own thoughts and missing the greater portion of what those you love are trying to communicate. 

And this leads me to the adventure of Day One as the amazing and often hard-of-hearing Yes Woman.

I missed my first two opportunities to say Yes entirely. The words passed through my ear lobes and technically my ear drums worked perfectly, but then mysteriously his words ricocheted off the grey matter numbing it in the process. It was done, over, finis before I even realized I had rebuffed the man once again! And I could have had a pony ride, I mean literally, he wanted me to go for a ride in his classic 66 red mustang convertible. I know, I hear you! Nave. Rube. Call me what you will, but just don't call me quitter.

 I am excited to tell you that another opportunity came my way, and being that my husband must meet with associates from the great state of Kentucky in the early morn, I had the proud and joyful honor of saying YES, YES, YES! 

Yes, I will pick up the dog pooh tomorrow morning.

Now to just remember to follow through, and perhaps sign up for a course in the fine art of listening!

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  1. This just cracked me up because it was just the other day that I said yes to picking up the dog pooh, and then ten hours later when poor Doug returned, I had completely cleaned the entire house and ...forgot about the entire back yard. :D Oops. Heh, heh.


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