Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writer's Remorse

I sat down

and dug from my soul

and laughed

and cried

tore up the papers

the pieces

of my mind


to myself

more than I wanted to


Notes on Writing: Writer’s Remorse was originally birthed as a doodle in a Creative Writing class. It was nestled among notes that read “Inspiration” and “Writing-a sensual activity-Paper and Parchment.” It flowed from my expensive Montblanc pen (a gift) onto my cheap, but serviceable yellow tablet (my own purchase) in one lump sum. I tried to name it "Remember” but later realized that it was truth incarnate of what I was to face if I chose to write again- and so “Writer’s Remorse.”


  1. Oooohhh. So glad you named it "Writer's Remorse!!!" Especially since I just posted that "Remember" poem haha! But no, I really love the name, it fits perfectly. You are SO good!!!

  2. I love the effect of just spacing lines. Very effective!

  3. and dug from my soul***

    Yes, this is exsactly what writers' do! Love it.


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