Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Am Here

I am here. Sitting at my desk, empty tea cup at hand, out of breath and full of frustrated anticipation. My goal is simple, to do that thing I used to do; to put pen to paper, or as is the case these days to attack the keys of my helpless keyboard in the swift method of a hunter pecking out each symbol, wishing I had listened to my father and learned how to "type." Yes, I, two days before I mark the half century of my earthly existence, am starting a blog. It is for me, but I must say, I hope that you will read it as well, and cheer me on, or perhaps shake your head glad that I am only taking up air, and not truly denuding the rain forests with my thoughts.

I read some months ago a friend or acquaintance perhaps, who stated something to this effect, "like the world needs another blog, but I am going to write one, because I need to." Yes, I need to. I can't write a page without writing a paragraph, and I certainly can't write a story, an article, or a book, if I can't write a page. So, here it is, my first blog. I have not written anything more than college papers, grocery lists, and the occasional thank you (I am trying to get better at this) in fifteen years. I may frame it, like a new business frames their first dollar bill. For every encouraging friend who has said, "You need to write a book!", thank you, and how about I start here.

So follow me. If I offend you by my faith or by my foolishness, read on, remembering that I am but a simple woman, who sometimes has had an interesting life, often without my permission, and has managed to step in the muck more than once. Much more than once.


  1. I am proud of you. And I am excited that while you are not denuding the rain forests with your thoughts--you are trusting yourself and the rest of us to share them. I'm excited to see how God uses your gift.

  2. I will follow your "musings". I hope it opens the door for the things we have been talking about since 2002. Love you and God bless. I am leaving for London for two weeks tomorrow. I'm excited.

  3. Yay Stacey! We've talked a little (a very little) over the years and you've said a word here and there that I could tell was a door into an adventure that we didn't at that moment have time to walk thru so I am looking forward to hearing more about "sometimes has had an interesting life, often without my permission".

    Here's my two cents - aren't the best things in life generally without our permission? We think we're setting off on a path, then we get stuck in the mud and while we're standing there in our flip flops cursing the fact that we didn't wear rubber boots we see a path we hadn't seen before, hidden behind a hedge and off we go in an entirely new direction.

  4. This is perfect: "For every encouraging friend who has said, "You need to write a book!", thank you, and how about I start here."

  5. Lovely. Brave. And so obvious that you do need to write a book, because you certainly have a way with words. As far as first posts go, this one is inspirational and impressive.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this...and it is enough to make me want to follow.


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